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Dec 8, 2012 10:00pm PST
with intoxication manslaughter for the death of 25-year-old jerry brown a member of the team's practice squad. investigators say brown was unresponsive when they arrived. >> when our officers arrived on scene, mr. brent was removing -- or dragging mr. brown from the vehicle. >> reporter: brent and brown were college teammates at the university of illinois. the two were reunited in october when the cowboys signed brown after the indianapolis colts released him. in a statement, cowboys' owner jerry jones said -- >> reporter: news of the deadly accident stunned cowboys' fans. >> man, that's sad to hear. i mean -- life plays out sometimes like you don't plan it. >> reporter: but many say they are standing by their team. >> i love my cowboys. i love my cowboys. and i'm rooting for them and i'm hoping everything turns out okay. >> reporter: the team arrived in cincinnati saturday ahead of their game against the bengals on sunday. teresa garcia, cbs news. >> a standoff between police and an armed man barricaded inside a jack in the box ended with the suspect being shot. around 1:00 this afternoon, p
Dec 9, 2012 8:30am PST
that's all talk and no acti. weather ad libs 07:16:22:29 brown: the peopn s are firmly . >>> we are less than three weeks away from falling over the fiscal cliff. is power players are all talk and no action. >> no real weather issues in the weather department. that is a good thing. this weekend plenty of changes on tap and changes coming midweek. we will detail it for you in a minute or two. >> people in san francisco are firmly of the opinion that you would use your taser every 30 seconds. >> people are all fired up over the debate on tasers. we sat down with the top cop for more on the stun gun proposal. >> no sooner did the legislature go back in session than there is already talk about modifying the biggest tax law in the state. >> that affects all property owners, plus drones. we are talking about remote control airplanes with cameras on them and how they can help law enforcement and privacy advocates concerned. more on that. >> and more back and forth between the white house and republicans in congress showing no signs of letting up. >> yes , there are three weeks left un
Dec 2, 2012 10:00pm PST
to nothing cleveland. down just 13-10. carson palmer looking for the win, picked off by sheldon brown. browns win 20-17, raiders lose their fifth straight game. all right. i've got to ask you, 49ers, both their quarterbacks have things to add mire about them, so who's going to be their quarter back. >> you never go back. remember in high school, you had the boyfriend, and there were times you wanted to go back? he said never go back, and look where you are now. >> we'll give it more time on at 11:30. >> in other words ,,,,
Dec 5, 2012 10:00pm PST
80,000 lights, it makes that look like charley brown's christmas tree. >> in is just over the top! >> it's sort of one of the first things we always do every year. it's just magical for me. >> reporter: it's a tradition that began 30 years ago by deacon dave. >> i wanted to do something for people of all faiths. >> reporter: he began with setting up a few lights around his livermore home. >> probably the buildings were this big, and it was a little miniature elf village along one side of the driveway. >> reporter: the display attracts thousands of people every year, many of them children who are mesmerized by the display. >> it's more spiritual than religious, perhaps. >> reporter: what do the neighbors think? >> i think it's fabulous. >> reporter: she has lived across the street from his display since 1989. >> a little tough to compete with the deacon. we don't even try. >> i got to ask you. what's your peing peing pg&e bill? >> i don't tell anyone. i can guarantee you , i am sitting down when i open the bill. but if anybody wants to pay it, we'll trade. [ laughter ] >> report
Dec 9, 2012 8:00am PST
for the brown twins. >> yes. >> the ladies vivian and marion. >> yes. >> they used to dress alike. >> you felt like you saw remember cans when you ran into them. they were dressed i denically alike. and there is always the bay area and children's center, the fabulous work they do. they build schools, playgrounds, after school programs. they have been around for 30 years and do really wonderful work. >> now, people can come to -- is it eight shows in four days? >> yes. >> this started on christmas. did you not orally start with one night. >> >> yes. it started with one night. the first show was christmas eve and it sold out. the next year was two shows on christmas eve and it sold out. the next year was christmas eve and christmas day and sold out. then three days and four days. so, we have four shows in two days, between 2 and 3,000 people come. december 22nd through 25th. >> this is at the new ashaw restaurant. is it difficult to -- asia restaurant. is it difficult to get the restaurateurs to go along with this? with the crowds, worrying act fitting them all in. >> first it was interesti
Dec 2, 2012 8:30am PST
because i feel much better in the morning. and also my husband takes it-- gene brown. he takes it for his neck and his shoulders and it helped tremendously. he has so much problem because he does construction work and he would be in the evening time in lots of pain. and that is not happening right now. >> i drive between seven and eight hours every day and sitting behind the wheel has taken a toll on my back, which i've had a problem with for over 40 years. and driving the limo has made it worse and since i've started using omega xl, it has helped considerably. i've used several other products, some of which i really don't want to take, but nothing has worked as well as omega xl. >> so i started taking the product. i immediately noticed my energy level changing. i would drag in the morning, i would be tired. i found myself jumping right out of bed and getting myself ready to go to work. i also noticed probably on the fifth day of taking the product, pains in my leg stopped. >> dorothy: it's really important that we do take care of our bodies, and if there's preventative things we can do,
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6